The option Savebutton is ment for the Basic Edition or any other implementation without a shopsystem in the background.

If you use the Configurator as a HTML 5 snippet, you dont have the "Add to Cart" button from the shopsystem available. Therefore you can use the Savebutton to add a button with any title you want.

This button for example can have the functionality to send an email with the values of the finished configuration or to save the values in any other way.

Presentation in the frontend

Settings in the backend

The title of the option will be used as the label on the button in the frontend.

  • Own post url

The own post url is the url where the configuration will be send to when saving, the configuration is saved as a ".json" file. If you don't insert a link, the configuration will be saved in the cloud. You can find the saved configuration under the template you are using in the section "assets".

  • redirect after save url

If you insert an url into this field, the configurator will forward the customer to it after successfully saving the configuration, if you leave the setting empty, the view will stay where it is.

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