The Small Text Input was former known as the option Text.

The Small Text Input is ment for the input of small values through the customer.

Those values could for example be width and height, a lable, an e-mail adress, a bank account number, ...

Presentation in the frontend

Settings in the backend

Allowed Input:

  • no restriciton
  • number
  • digits
  • greater than zero
  • zero or greater
  • letters
  • lowercase string
  • uppercase string
  • lowercase, digits, underscore
  • letters and digits
  • postale code
  • phone number
  • email
  • URL Address
  • IBAN (Int. bank account number)
  • VAT (Tax id code)

Minimum and Maximum Values:

Here you can change the apperance of the minimum and maximum values in the frontend.

For example if you want the customer to insert the width and height of an object, you can change the settings "lowest value" and "biggest value" in the template for your needs. In the template settings you see the pattern, in this case you would insert ($min-$maxcm). As you can see above the lowest and the biggest value are displayed on top of the text input together with the pattern "cm" so the customer nows exacly what to enter. Of course you could change it to every unit need.

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