The Multiselect options are another completely new feature we release together with the new version 4 of our Configurator.

Think about following scenario: You want your customer to choose from multiple optionvalues for example bananas, apples and peaches, but you can only fit 10 pieces into one order. With the refreshingly new Multiselect with Quantity you can let the customer insert his whished quantities, with or without min. and max. limits.

Presentation in the frontend

Settings in the backend

In the backend you have the setting "Quantity", where you have the options Free Entry and Range.

  • If you choose Free Entry, the customer can insert his quantities with the keyboard or with the little arrows on the right side of the input field (see the left screenshot in the section Presentation in the frontend).
  • If you choose Range, the customer can select his quantities via a drop-down list (see the right screenshot in the section Presentation in the frontend).

To the right of the "Quantity" setting, you also have the option to insert a min. and/or a max. quantity to limit the selections the customer can make.

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