First step when using the configurator is generating a new component.

In the component you are able to create options which the customer can later choose from in the frontend.

If you open the Component Manager, you can see the Add component -button in the right upper corner.

You will get following view:

After generating the component, you click on the component and go to Settings

Component Information:

  • Give the component an unique name for better distinguishment, the name is only shown in the backend.
  • The headline is displayed in the frontend, on top of all options inside of the configurator:

Minimum and Maximum Values:

  • Change if the minimum and maximum values are displayed in the frontend or not.
  • The pattern determines the formatting of the minimum and maximum values. In the example above, the pattern is configured for the input of cm (lenght, width, height). You can see the statement "($min - $maxcm). The character $ is used for accessing specific values (in this case $min and $max for the min and max values). If you would like the customer to insert his values in millimeters, you would change the pattern to "($min - $maxmm)".

Combined Image:

  • Here you can turn the Combined Image on or off. See all information about the Combined Image here.

Extra Charge:

  • Choose if you want to have the extra charges to be displayed on the frontend or not.
  • The extra charges can be identified as relative or absolute numbers.
  • Furthermore you can choose if the extra charge is displayed if the difference is zero or not.
  • Again you have the option to change the pattern for the indicator in the frontend. 


  • Tab view
  • Option image position

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