Each component in the configurator backend represents a self-contained product, including all available product characteristics, options and rules.
Thus, to built up a configurator for your product, the first step is to create a new component. Please follow these steps to do so: 

Step 1 Add a component

Open the product configurator backend and click on "add component" (top right)

Step 2 Define component settings

  1. Choose a backend name for your component (only for internal use)
  2. Define a headline which is shown in the frontend on top of the configuration
  3. Select the standard language for the component. This can be a component-individual language or the language which is predefined the global settings (as here: "use global settings" = English). The global language is automatically used in all components.
  4. Chose a pattern for the indication of min- and max values in the frontend. Thereby, the predefined structure has to be maintained: ($min - $max...). Nevertheless, you can decide on the unit of measurement. For example, if you like to indicate the values in mm instead of cm you can simply change the unit in the formula => ($min - $maxmm).
  5. If you want to use a combined product image in your component, you can switch to active = yes. 
  6. Decide on the presentation of extra charges. Here you can choose whether the extra charges are displayed next to the values/options or not. Additionally, you can decide on whether they will be static or or dynamic (with regard to the current selection). The pattern describes how the price is displayed and can be modified at will. 
  7. If you arrange your product characteristics in groups, you can define the presentation of the different group here. For example, you can present them in form of tabs. Alternatively, the presentation in groups can be switched off. After deciding on the group presentation, you can choose the position of images of characteristics

You can return to the component settings at any time by clicking on "Settings"!

Congratulation! You have successfully created a new component!

As explained before you can now fill the component with all relevant product characteristics and features. If you need help, take a look into the article "How to create a new characteristic".  

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