This article describes how to generate deep links with the help of the justSelling toolbar.

You have now the possibility to promote a certain configuration of your product in the configurator fronend. This can be done by using deep links.
Deep links directly guide the customer to a specific configuration of your product.
This makes sense when there are certain configuration packages of your product which you would like to recommend or promote to your customer. 

How to create a deep link

STEP 1 Open the product configurator on your website

STEP 2 Take a look at the URL on top of the website. Does it include a parameter (?number=x)? If yes, then please set in &tb=1 at the end of the URL. If not, set in ?tb=1 at the end of the URL. Press enter to reload the website. The justSelling toolbar opens on top of the window.


In this example, there is no parameter in the URL. Thus, we set in ?tb=1 at the end of the URL and reload the website. The justSelling toolbar opens. 

STEP 3 Go through the configuration process and define the desired configuration of your product you want to generate a deep link for. 

STEP 4 Click on "generate deep link" (here: Deep Link anlegen") in the justSelling toolbar

A small window pops up. The link shown in this window is the generated deep link. 

STEP 6 Copy the link you find in the pop-up-window and enter it in the browser => press enter. The website reloads and the configuration you chose is preset directly. 

The deep link is now generated and can be used arbitrarily.


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