This article gives you a definition and an application case of the validation type (rule type) "Predefine Quantity" and explains how to generate the rule in the configurator surface.   


The rule "Predefine quantity" defines the selectable quantity of a certain product component. The seller can predefine it in the product configurator (backend) for each option; on the website (frontend) the customer can then select the desired quantity within the restricted value range in an option field ("Multiselect with Quantity"). 

Example Frontend:

Application Case "Cereal"

A cereal producer offers several cereal bases with different add ons (cereal components) customers can choose between. 

For the premium cereal at maximum three add ons bases and three fruit add-ons are selectable: A customer can choose three different add ons or one add on up to a quantity of three. 

How can you generate this rule in the product configurator?

Application in the product configurator

(Hint: If you have already created all necessary characteristics, jump to STEP 4 in order to create the rule directly. Please make sure that all characteristics affected by the rule are generated as "multiselect with quantity".)  

STEP 1  Open the product configurator surface

STEP 2 Open the component

STEP 3 Generate all relevant product characteristics including the one which has to be restricted by a predefined quantity (here: Cereal Variants & different Add-Ons)


  • create characteristic groups to structure your product characteristics (here: Base and Add-Ons) by clicking on add group
  • Move your mouse over the new group you just added. Two symbols appear, a gearwheel and a bin. Please, click on the gearwheel to open the group settings. 
  • Give your group a name
  • Create the characteristics within the groups

  • Within characteristics, you can add subcategories, as for example in Characteristic "Cereal Variant" 

By clicking on the Characteristic you can Add Values. For our example we create here the Premium Variant as a Radio Button option. 

Furthermore we have to create the different add-ons the customer can choose between in the characteristic group Add-Ons: 

The Data Type in this example needs to be Multiselect with Quantity.

Then we create the different options within each characteristic, f.ex. within the characteristic "fruits" we create several values serving as options in the configuration:

STEP 4 Generate the Rule Predefined Quantity
If the customer selects Premium as the cereal Variant he/she can add three add ons bases and three fruits variants to the cereal base.

  • Go to rules
  • Click on Add Rule
  1. Label the rule for better allocation
  2. Select the validation type (rule) Predefine Quantity
  3. Here you create the rule: click on the left box to choose the characteristic group (here: cereal variant); right box: "in" is selected. In the new configurator update "in" is replaced by "has one of the value". "Has one of the value" means: When cereal variant =..., then...
  4. Select the respective characteristic of the characteristic group (here: Premium) 
  5. Click on the characteristic group (here: group no.2 (add ons)) that includes the characteristics that are restricted by a predefined Quantity values (here: Add on base & Fruits)
  6. Predefine the Quantity for the add-on base and fruits (here: 0-3 selectable for each)
  • Click on save!

STEP 5 The rule is effective now! Test the generated rule by clicking on "Preview Template"

  • Select the characteristic (here Premium)
  • select add-ons

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