This article explains why we offer the product configurator as a cloud instance in a monthly subscription model instead of selling the complete software at once.

The Configurator as a Cloud Instance - What does it mean?

The core functions of the configurator software are stored on an online based server (cloud). After integrating the configurator, the created integration plugin in your web shop automatically links the core product in the cloud with the backend of your web shop. We as justSelling manage and administer the complete software and host it on our server in the Data Center in Berlin. Thus, the user does not receive a complete software package at once, but pays monthly for having access to the cloud software. In fact you only pay for the period you are actually using the configurator. 


The unique subscription- and cloud model has many advantages for the customer: 

  • Compatibility: The configurator can be integrated in all current web shops; due to the cloud solution you can easily switch between different web shop systems;
  • Flexibility: you can work everywhere with the configurator; 
  • High Security: All data is stored on a secure, professional and reliable cluster server;
  • Low Risk and Predictability of Costs: Due to the subscription model you pay only for what you are actually using; no capital commitment, no large investment;
  • No Local Installation; no Updates: The configurator does not consume storage space on your PC; You do not need to worry about any updates; 
  • Software-as-a-Service: The subscription model supports our "software-as-a-service" approach: Our customers do not only buy a software and leave. We keep in close contact with our customers and encourage them to ask us at any time for help and consultation.

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