This article gives you a short navigation through the general settings of the configurator.  

By clicking on „Manage“ you open the product configurator. On the left you see three options: Components, Settings and My Account.

1. Localization

In Localization you find general settings for the work with the configurator. Please select your country, the restrictive currency and the language you want to work with (last option). 

In the third box (list delimiter) you specify which symbol is used to separate your prices in the price tables. Please type in only the respective symbol and do not use any words (like f.ex. "comma"). If you enter nothing, the configurator recognizes automatically, which list delimiter is used.  

In the tax options you decide whether the prices you enter in the configurator templates already include prices ("Yes") or not ("No") and which tax rate you use. If you select "No" in the first option, the configurator adds the taxes automatically to the prices given in the price tables.    

2. Domains

In the box below current active domains you have an overview of the domains you are currently working with. If you want to work on a new domain, please insert it below new domain and choose a domain type.
Three domain types are available: 

  • production: the life-domain creates an active, productive web shop
  • staging: the domain simulates the active web shop, but is not active yet
  • development: the domain is abstract and not active; appropriate for developing web shop 

One domain type cannot be change in another type, but domains can be deleted and another domain type can be recreated.

3. Integrations

In the section Integrations you can choose in which web shop system you want to use the configurator. The configurator can be downloaded as plugins.

4. My Account

In My Account you enter your personal data. Please type in your data before the test version ends.
Please insert your Value Added Tax Identification Number (VAT-ID) in the green box. Due to the fact that our service is a Business-to-Business model, value added taxes are not incurred for customers within the EU. In this case the tax is omitted in the invoices. In order to check wether this applies to you, we need your VAT-ID. 

You enter your Email-address into the box at the bottom of the window. It serves as your invoice address.

5. Plans & Billing

In the setting Plans & Billings you can switch between different test versions. Here, you can also check how long your test version is active. Before the test version ends, you have to deposit your payment data by clicking on "edit your credit card data here...". 

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