There are a few small steps to enable the configurator to work in an actual webshop environment. Here you will find information on how to proceed after the installation of the integration plugin for the respective webshop system. 

Please make sure that the Product Configurator Cloud (PCC) is installed and activated in the Plugin-Manager (in case there is a Plugin-Manager available). Then go to the backend-settings of the installed configurator module. (There might be some differences, depending on the system that is used). 

Here is a quick overview: 

Magento 2:  Go to "Stores" > "Configuration"> "Product Configurator"

Shopware: Open the plugin in the Plugin-Manager and click on the small pencil, in
order to open the plugin settings. 

WooCommerce:  "WooCommerce" > "Settings"

Example (Magento 2): 

Enter the necessary data into the input-fields. You will find them as follows:

  • The secure key can be found in the justSelling account. Login with you personal credentials and check the secure key in the category “my services"  
  • The security Token can be found in the PCC interface under my account > Integrations. The security Token will be visible after selecting the respective Integration. 
  • The Cloud Base URL and Cloud TLC Port depend on what kind of certificate is used within the webshop: 

        HTTP:   Port: 80
        HTTPS: Port: 443 

Registration of the Domain

After the settings are finished, it is also necessary to deposit the specific domain where the PCC should be in use. Therefore got to the PCC interface and click on "my account" > "Domains". Enter the respective Domain and decide, whether this is a productive or development Domain.

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