1. Unzip the software archive and copy the directory "justselling-product-configurator" in "wp-content/plugins" on your server. The second folder "woocommerce" has to be copied into the folder of the respective theme that is used at the moment. 
  2. Subsequently activate the plugin by clicking on "Plugins" in the Backend. 
  3. Afterwards you will find the tab "Justselling Product-Configurator" in WooCommerce > Settings 
  4. The empty input fields have to be filled with the respective data out of the justselling customer account. You will find it in your account at justselling.de or product-configurator.biz 

Cloud Base URL:
Depending on which certificate (http or https) you are using, there are different URL´s to be deposited in the settings. 

HTTP: http://cloud.justsellinapp.com   Port: 80
HTTPS: https://cloud.justsellingapp.com Port: 443 

To link a configuration template to a specific product, just do the following: 

The product configurator only works in combination with variable products. Otherwise it is not possible to link the product configurator to the respective product. 

  1. Go to the product settings in the backend 
  2. If you click on attributes, you will find a drop down where the attribute "product-configurator" can be selected. iI you click on "add" the available configuration templates are appearing in the dropdown. 
  3. Afterwards select the respective template and before you save, click on the checkbox "Visible at product page" and "apply for variants". 
  4. Then go to the tab variants and add them by clicking on the button "go". Then set the regular price for the product. E.g. the base price.  

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