Note that you can download the shopware integration plugin directly from the shopware plugin manager just by one click. Otherwise follow the this description to install it manually: 

  • Unzip the software archive and copy all data in the folder custom plugins in your Shopware installation. 
  • You will find the plugin in your backend, when go to Configuration > Plugin Manager > Installed.  There should be an entry “Product Configurator Cloud“. Your proceed with the installation by clicking on the green plus button. 
  • The Plugin can be added by clicking on “activate“ button. 
  • Within the same window you are able to set the configuration of the plugin. The input boxes have to be filled out with the respective data. You will find all necessary data in your customer login at or (In case you still don´t have a customer login, please register at
  • Please empty the Cashe by clicking on Configuration > Cache/performance > Cache. Then select every checkbox, expect “compile themes“. Afterwards click on “clear“.

The allocation of a configuration template to a product is carried out as follows: 

  • To allocate a template to product got to Items -> Overview and then select the product where you want a configuration template to be allocated.
  • Select the checkbox “variants“  (if its not the case). Then save item. 
  • You will notice that the tab “Variants“ will be active afterwards. Within the Variants tab click on “Configuration“ and set the checkmark for attribute group “Product Configurator“ on active. In the right area there will appear a selection field with all existing configuration templates in your account. Choose the respective template out of that list. Then click the button “create & activate“. Set the checkmark for the template to be active and “generate variants“

There will be a short report, if you want to save variants first. Answer with yes and click “start“. 

How to manage the configurator interface out of the shopware backend: 

The template manager can be found at: Items -> JustSelling Configurator.

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