In order to understand the reason why we need a specific integration plugin for every e-commerce shop-system, we first have to take a look at the processes that run within such a system. To keep it as simple as possible we consider just two main factors, which is on one side a classic product (in the web-shop) and on the other side the checkout process, where the order is placed in the end. The configurator is basically used to provide your customers a possibility to make customizations within a product. The information regarding the customization is then transferred to the cart and therefore deposited in the respective webshop-order afterwards. 

So we can consider the following process:

  1. Product  (containing relevant information and attributes) 
  2. Configurator (product gets customized) - e.g. customer chooses his favorite color. 
  3. Checkout Process (order gets triggered) 

The integration plugin therefore is used to enable a link between the products in the web-shop, the checkout process and the configurator. The configurator then can work with actual data out of the web-shop products, like base price for example, and is also able to forward the data out of the customization to the cart /checkout.

Furthermore the integration plugin allows to have a seamless implementation of the configurator interface within the shop-backend. Therefore every effort concerning the configuration setup, can be conducted directly within the backend of the web-shop.
After a successful implementation, the configurator has its own tab in the shop-backend navigation, where the interface can be found. The exact appearance of this tab depends on the respective e-commerce system. 

To sum it up:
The integration plugin creates the link between the e-commerce System and the product configurator cloud. It allows to access the cloud software interface directly within the backend, since it is embedded in the web-shop framework. 

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