Step 1:

Open the Configurator through our customer login.


Step 2:

Create a new component.

Insert the options and characteristics you need for your configuration.


Step 3:

Go to the Settings => Domains. Here you need to activate the domain(s) you want to use.



Step 4:

Now you can activate the Shopware 5 integration under Settings => Integrations.

Afterwards you will get a security token and a download for a Shopware integration plugin.



Step 5:

Follow the guide on how to install the integration plugin into Shopware.


Step 6: 

Complete the settings as described in the installation guide.


Step 7: 


Choose the base product to have variants: 


Afterwards click on the tab “Varianten" to link the product configurator to the respective product. There is also the possibility to directly select the desired template within these settings: 



After the variants are generated, the product configruator is liked to the selected product and can now be accessed on the product detail page!

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