• Login to the Magento backend.

  • Disable compilation for Magento. To do this go to System > Tools > Compilations. If the Compiler Status is Enabled, then disable the compilation by clicking the button Disable in the upper right corner. This step eliminates the most important problems when installing a new extension.

  • Please backup your store database and the web folder.

  • Download the integration plugin from the Customer Center on our website.

  • Unzip the extension locally on your desktop.

  • Copy contents of the archive to the root directory of your Magento store. You can use a FTP tool to do so. 

Please don't rename the folder. The system can only find it when named like the original ("Justselling").

  • Completely clear the Magento cache. Go to System > Cache Management. Click the button Flush Magento Cache.

  • Insert your customer-Id, your secure-key (You can find these in the customer center on justselling.de, see screenshot below.) and the security-token (You can find this in the Integrations tab, directly under the "download plugin" button, see screenshot above.) in System > Configuration > Product Configurator Cloud

  • Logout from Magento backend and login again.

Settings depending on http or https:

If your shop is using the http protocol you need to use different settings as if you would be using the https protocol.



When using the http protocol, you need the choose the Cloud Base URL http://cloud.justsellingapp.com and the Cloud TCP Port 80.



When using the http protocol, you need the choose the Cloud Base URL https://cloud.justsellingapp.com and the Cloud TCP Port 443.


 Congratulation, the installation and setup of the plugin is now complete!

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